Saturday, 24 October 2015

New start ... I've moved

Hello everyone who came to check the news

- it's time for a change, so I made one ^^

I came to say that I decided to start my blog on another site,
you're more than welcome to check it out :)

theme is staying the same .. positivity, spirituality and balancing life

thanks to everyone who has been reading me here, hope you'll come and visit
nice girl gone happy somewhere else

good luck guys
be safe <3

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What is ''Add more ing to your life'' all about?

Gabrielle Bernstein, you are my hero.

So the topic I would like to talk about today is Gabby's book: Add more ing to your life.
I've read it over a month ago and I could say it changed my life.

It talks about ego and inner guidance. She explains shorty everything we need to know about life, especially our past and present. How to be the best version of a human being now and in the future. :)

Book is divided into twelve chapters, each of them is a challenge for the reader. You have to do exercises from one chapter for 30 days, so it is a year long journey. I know it sounds a lot but I decided to give it a try. Every chapter contains thinking, moving (some form of fun physical exercise for app. 10-20 mins), meditation and writing <3.

I am kinda sorda through with challenge 1, which is a healing of a feeling. It is very profound challenge in which you think about all negative feelings inside of you and your negative thoughts about you.

Journey never ends, that's why I've said kinda sorda finished :) There will come a day again when I will feel bad about myself so I'll choose to do this exercise again. Working on yourself is indeed life long journey.

Today I've done first day of chapter 2, which is about forgiving. That one is, I tell you, the biggest challenge for me. I'm full of resentment for everyone who has done bad things to me, so it will be nice to let go and just move on. After only first day I feel much better and I cannot even imagine how will I feel at the end of those 30 days.

I can keep you posted every month about how the challenges go if you want to.
Please, take your time and check Gabrielle Bernstein's books. She is a miracle worker and so can be you too.

With love...
namaste to you, namaste Gabby - thank you <3

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Furry little thing nr. two


''Mother hasn't come home for a week now, I'm a little worried. Hope she isn't freezing somewhere, nights are getting colder.'' Kitten is trembling and still wonders, how life outside the fence looks like. ''Is it possible that my sister found a new place to stay, a better home?''

''Ok, I'll stand up, move my feet. Oops!'' kitten stumbled upon a basket. ''Gosh it's so cold. Well, look at this, fence still open, I'll just go and have a look.''. He can't resist his curiosity.

As kitten slowly walks towards the fence, a big car suddenly drives by. Kitten gets scared a little bit but he doesn't want to return. He steps outside and on the left in the distance sees something on the street. ''Oh no, it's my sister.'' 

He runs and runs away and doesn't mind people and cars and everything around him... ''She's gone!'' She's been there for few days now. ''Oh my, what happened? This outside world is so cruel. I just want to sit right next to her and I don't know.. wait.. maybe she comes back.''

As a car approaches, it stops right in front of kitten. He can now see, that he got another chance in life. He has to make a meaning out of it. So kitten runs to the end of the street and looks back at his sister. He can see her there lying so alone. 

In that moment kitten promises to self, ''I will never forget her.''

For chapter one click on Putty life label...

Friday, 24 July 2015


So after a long period of time being jobless, resenting myself for leaving a work place (which I didn't like anyway), being somehow a little depressed and panicking every day what to do about my anger and bad mood... I started searching for information about what is my purpose in life, what is my personality, what am I the best at doing and stuff like that. I just didn't feel that I'm looking in the right direction. Have you every felt that? That something is missing? Sure I was doing good things for myself, running again, eating a little bit healthier and trying to figure out what to do with my life. But still I felt pressure in me, in my heart, my mind was killing me with thoughts that I'm not good enough. What if all falls apart, what if I fall apart, what if I don't get things that I want.. until one day, I came across a book. Oh, that wasn't just a book for me...

I was always interested in THE TRUTH. Who are we? What are we doing here? What is our purpose? What happens when I die?...

For everyone who wants to do some soul searching and get to know the truth, that is a book for you: The untethered soul, by Michael A. Singer. Second book he wrote after is The surrender experiment, which I also recommend. I understood everything better after reading both. 
(read more on:

So what I've learned is that.. if you pay attention to your everyday life, you will hear a voice speaking to you. All day, for everything. What you like, don't like, what you need, everyday stuff. It gets worse when you have to make a decision or for example have something hard to do. For me that would be a verbal presentation at school. Oooh my, voice starts with ok, I will do this like that and say that like this and oh, how do I look... and then what if that goes wrong, what if presentation doesn't work, what if they laugh at me? Uuuu, not good, not good for me.

What I have to do in this moment is, observe that voice and start to realise, that those words aren't me. Those thoughts aren't me. I am the one observing that thoughts. I am aware. I should just let everything happen. It's the challenge I was given to do so I just have to do it. No thinking, just doing, letting the energy travel through me. That resolution just blew my mind.

So through reading the book you realise, that you are some kind of a spirit, seeing, hearing the world but also being aware of thoughts that actually aren't yours. They are your previous experiences in life, past emotions that you didn't let through. Thoughts are result of everything you've clinged on. And that's what helped me realised, that I can change my life by having this knowledge.

At that point I would like to say, that I already knew before all about positive thinking and The secret book and Law of attraction. a bit about chakras, meditation.. but I just couldn't understand the base of all that and how it connects. 

So if I didn't get you until now, you should know that we are all energy, we have energy within. And this energy (through our energy centres - chakras) is connected with everything. With nature, with other people etc. You can somehow feel it by doing yoga, but mostly by meditating. In that state you are connected to your spirit and heart, but not with your mind (where that little voice is, you just don't think).

Very important thing in everyday life is that you except who you are and your little voice inside. Don't try to shut it down completely, try to help it. So everytime you hear it, be aware of hearing it and LET IT GO! Except what it has to say, be grateful and let it go. Voice can help yourself to see, how you feel and which emotions you have inside. And if there is panic, anger or any other ''bad'' emotions, you really should deal with them in life. Otherwise you won't be able to get on with it. And you deal with them by excepting them and letting them go. Letting that moment past right through you.

When your day looks bad, you should remember, it isn't. It just doesn't matter. The moment you live in now, will pass.. You shouldn't be afraid, just enjoy the moment. The earth will spin anyway. Your life isn't the center of the universe -> we all get so much inside our minds, that we don't even see where we're walking. Just take a moment, take a deep breath and try to realise as many times as possible your presence, here and now. Try to be free of your thoughts just for few moments a day and you will see the difference.

This book really opened my mind and linked everything I knew about few things about spirituality. It's just a nice thing to finally see the whole picture. 

Tell me what you think about that? Have you read it already? If not, please try, it could give you a totally new perspective. It has so much information in it, that one post just isn't enough...

Until next time: love your spirit, love your body, love your thoughts, open your heart... smile!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

First rule on how to make your life better

... is ... it's something short
and a well hidden secret...
(joke) I mean..
something you already know...
deep inside you... so
one thing you have to do.. to live happily ever after is:

love yourself

voila! that's right. you are unique and special to this world and if you don't love yourself than no one will be able to love you right back as you deserve.

It's first thing you have to accomplish if you want a better life in general.. and tell me, who doesn't want to be happy? Who doesn't want to be a better mom, son, sister, grandson, niece... For that, you should take care of yourself so you'll be able to live long, be a good friend, colleague, spouse etc.

Image source

I've learned this by reading a book from mrs. Louise Hay, The power is within you. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it yet.

So she also says you have to adress this ''self love'' through appropriate manners, ten of them actually. Those are:
1. stop criticizing yourself
(we all have this evil voice inside who says we're not good enough, make it shut up)

2. do not scare yourself 
(with negative thoughts, what ifs, should haves...)

3. be nice, gentle and patient with yourself
(be your own teddy bear)

4. be nice to your mind
 (don't think you're stupid)

5. compliment yourself 
(tell to yourself ''you go girl/boy!'' even when accomplishing little things
or just making them better than the last time, every progress is worth it,
you will come far by just putting one feet in front of another)

loving yourself means also to 
6. stand by yourself no matter what 
(even when you did something ''stupid'' - hey! nothing is stupid)

7. love also negative things on you 
(so until you don't get enough control to start thinking positively
almost every day, you'll still have a lot of negative thoughts,
learn to love them, embrace them as they are and let them go
because remember - be gentle)

8. take care of your body 
(healthy body = healthy mind, do some meditations, visualisations)

9. work with the mirror 
(start to love your body, talk to yourself in the mirror, about good and bad things, that's how you'll heal) and last but not least

10. love yourself as you are in this moment
 (past is gone, don't dwell on it and don't worry about future, just love yourself now even with flaws - even thought they're not! ;) )

Once again I really recommend this book to everyone... if you're going through hard time, through illness, if something doesn't feel right or just so ... knowledge about how to live better, healthy and positive life is always welcome.

And most of all stay fearless.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

ON TOP of the world

Have you ever felt like nothing can stop you,
like you could
conquer the world?

It's extraordinary feeling of
and itching your feet

just to dance
to scream
to laugh

If you felt it, tell me... 
what made you feel that way?
I'm sure it was you! 

- brave, loving, worthy human being -
I wish you'd feel like that every day.

Stay fearless ;)
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Monday, 22 June 2015

hey, summer

Sure, I know, I'm a little late on the news. First summer day was actually yesterday

tell me, does it really feel like summer?

Can you feel the breeze and that great smell in the air?

I'm still waiting...
for the feeling that I can finally 
stop worrying,
get to breathe,
feel hot sun on my skin
 & you...

Laying in the greenest grass
right next to your body,
patiently watching your soul 
until your eyes meet mine
and we'll know,
We're finally home.

Until then...