Monday, 23 February 2015

If you were an animal...

there comes a day when you start with job searching. For most people a part called job interview is the most unpleasant event. So it's smart to prepare for that matter (or in my case ask the Internet what bad things can happen to me there). Many stories tell us what are frequently asked questions on the interview. 
I've seen this one many times, also heard of it in Sociology class, so it's the most interesting to me:

- if you were an animal, what would you be?

it's quite simple, but it get's you thinking... about pets you own, ones you would like to or about what kind of ''personality'' does an animal have? It's also good to keep in mind about how that animal obeys and what are their motivators. 
Your future boss has some kind of secret intention to see under your skin, what do you hide underneath your good behavour? ^^

Many of my class mates said that they would be a dog, because of course it's loyal and kind. Some of them said a lion, because it's a king of the jungle with great hair :)  I'm not sure I would be the queen of the interview after that answer. 

Anyway, I thought about a bird, because it's small and somehow powerful with it's wings, I could go away any day I please and be able to smile down at people and much more (if you know what I mean) ..oops, maybe not most suitable answer.

But then I thought, what about a cat. Guess not, it's too lazy, too hypocritical and many other bad news. I am more cat than dog person in fact, we do have two cats at home but sometimes they can be really moody. That was my opinion until today, when I saw a picture on my Facebook feed:

Seems we can find a lot of positive in their lifestyle. Those are the rules I could definitely live by, we all should! And if I don't get the job, I can still be a cat lady and purr my life away :)

What about you - which animal are you? Would you say any different, if you were in an interview?

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Own your weirdness

Have you ever had an idea and you were so thrilled about it? For few hours, maybe days you were dreaming or possibly already did something to make your idea come to life? Then someone or something came and ruined everything?

You said to yourself, it's just not time yet or the idea wasn't good enough. Let me tell you something. It is enough, it is good, actually it's great and it's yours. First overthinking came and effects were fear and self-doubt.

We are all so different, we are all so special. Stop thinking that your ideas are rubbish. Some of them might not succed, that's true, but you have to start somewhere - Rome wasn't built in a day. As individuals we have so much to give. I know, there are many inventions out there and ideas, but yours are special in different, unique way. In your own way.

You might also have interests, that are not the same as others have. That's great! Mine for example vary, from vampires and witches to mind and intuition, to getting successful and also having family, to be a photographer (without even having my camera yet) ect. I'm sure if I ask you what your interests are, you'll find at least three. Embrace them and then you'll get some crazy ideas that can be accomplished.

So we mentioned first two parts of the story, then there is your free time and your job, possibly dream job. You can do anything you want in any part of your life and get paid for it - very well actually. Just don't stop trying, don't overthink and everything can happen, everything is possible. 

Embrace what you want and what you maybe already do in your free time. Be patient but also brave enough to put yourself out there. Show people what you can do. You will be happier, more confident and what it's most important you will love yourself more.

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Monday, 9 February 2015

New me, new you

I've been trying to hide myself for a week now. Quitting job and trying to do something that I like overwhelmed me totally. So I needed some time. Watched all the episodes found on Internet while hidden from the outside world. 
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It's ok to do that. But it's time to end this. From time to time you just need to hide a little bit and think about what you need. But you also need to wake up, otherwise you could sleep forever.

You have to find strenght inside of you. No matter what problems do you have or which dreams are not coming true for you. But it's actually easy. Dreams are not coming true because you don't let them. Or you're just too lazy to stand up and start doing something. 

It doesn't matter what you want, if it seems impossible to you. It seems so only because you let black thoughts get into your head. Get control over you life. Stop these thoughts.

It depends a lot what kind of structure do you have. And by structure I mean relationships in family. But at the end of the day, it's your life, not from your sister, father, aunt etc. So you can fight all that habits you got from your family and make a new ones. Better ones. Ones that suit you, only happy version of you. Be a beautiful positive dreamer.

Nice girl gone happy