Monday, 2 March 2015

5 tips for being healthy

Everyone has had a moment in our lifes when we didn't like ourselfes in the mirror. We were uncomfortable in our clothes. They we're just too tight and you just had to get bigger size of those good looking jeans :/ That was my case and I also started to get some health issues even thought I was "just" 20 pounds overweight. In one way I was happy I could see what's going on while things could get further and worse. 

Anyway I learned what I have to do to be healthy. I know we can get a lot of tips on the internet but I would like to start from scratch here. So if you're trying to lose weight or just want to be a healthy, active and fit version of yourself
here are 5 basic rules:

1. Drink water
we all know we have to watch what we put in our mouths and it all starts with water. So at least 8 glasses a day (no soda)! But also tea or coffee counts. Tea on one side makes us thirsty, it actually dehidrates us, so I rather not count it in.

But hey, no sugar in tea or coffee ;) which brings us to another rule...

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2. Eat right food
after years of trying different foods, I felt best when I
- ate no white sugar (stevia or coconut, palm sugar it's ok, of course there's a lot of other sweetners, you can use. Good ones don't play and raise your blood sugar level). Another thing are
- carbs - white pasta, rice and bread has to go out, there's a lot of other healthy possibilities. Last but not least,
- fat - we find our biggest enemy in vegetable oils and margarine (good fat is in olives, olive oil, coconut oil, butter etc.)

You will indeed slip and make ''wrong'' decisions, you're just a human being. So if you want to eat something, do it.. but portion control is important.. If you don't eat what you crave, you'll crave it even more.

3. Exercise
yeah, I know.. I also wish it was different. But after a while you feel so energized, so good. I practise 30 minute high interval 5 days a week (that's how I got my results). Ideal would be at least 45 minutes, 5 days per week.

I decided to try an hour a day (free on weekends). To shock my body and lose those last 5 pounds, which are on my body for a while now. I'll let you know how that goes if you want to :)

So try different exercises, do what you like.. swimming, spinning classes or maybe you're a runner? Through winter I just exercised in my small room, with only my mat and weights made by myself (plastic containers filled with sand) - so no excuses!

4. Reduce stress
Even when you do all of the above, if you encounter stress at work or at home or if it's only in your head, it will be seen on your growing tummy anyway. So try to reduce it, do things that make you happy. Start a hobby, you never know how much pleasure (or money) could that bring you.

Last but not least
5. Love yourself
and your body, it's only one you'll live in. You can't replace it and get another one. But you can make it better. And if you think you're not a good person, start doing something good, something you enjoy, you'll get your self-confidence. But I'm pretty much sure, you're already awesome.

So stay like that and start loving what you see ;) be proud of yourself, you're one and only!

If you'd like to hear more about each one of the topic, please let me know...

Note: I'm not a doctor or have any medical school education, these are just tips that helped me and many others.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Furry little thing

It’s foggy November morning, I open my eyes. My brothers are right next to me in small basket with purple blanket underneath. Blanket is filthy as we all are. Children of the street.

Even thought we do live next to one old house, they don't give us much attention. We get some food once a day, maybe twice and it's mostly some meat with potatoes or bread. We sometimes get milk on mornings. It's that kind of morning today.

I don't remember my mother, either my early childhood. She comes from time to time, but she hasn’t come for a while now. Memories are all very blurred and I'm always so sleepy...

As we grew a little older, some of my brothers are playing with me, I'm so proud of my family. When chilly night falls on us, we sleep next to each other again and I feel safe.

Ugh, even days are now getting colder. I don't know what I'd do if I were alone here. We talk about the world behind the fence. It’s always opened and it calls for us to look out. But we're afraid what we might find there.

Once my little sister went out and she never came back. She is very curious and brave. Maybe one day I might go and maybe I'll find her. But not today, rain is pouring, my blanket is so soft...

to be continued
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