Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Furry little thing nr. two


''Mother hasn't come home for a week now, I'm a little worried. Hope she isn't freezing somewhere, nights are getting colder.'' Kitten is trembling and still wonders, how life outside the fence looks like. ''Is it possible that my sister found a new place to stay, a better home?''

''Ok, I'll stand up, move my feet. Oops!'' kitten stumbled upon a basket. ''Gosh it's so cold. Well, look at this, fence still open, I'll just go and have a look.''. He can't resist his curiosity.

As kitten slowly walks towards the fence, a big car suddenly drives by. Kitten gets scared a little bit but he doesn't want to return. He steps outside and on the left in the distance sees something on the street. ''Oh no, it's my sister.'' 

He runs and runs away and doesn't mind people and cars and everything around him... ''She's gone!'' She's been there for few days now. ''Oh my, what happened? This outside world is so cruel. I just want to sit right next to her and I don't know.. wait.. maybe she comes back.''

As a car approaches, it stops right in front of kitten. He can now see, that he got another chance in life. He has to make a meaning out of it. So kitten runs to the end of the street and looks back at his sister. He can see her there lying so alone. 

In that moment kitten promises to self, ''I will never forget her.''

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