Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What is ''Add more ing to your life'' all about?

Gabrielle Bernstein, you are my hero.

So the topic I would like to talk about today is Gabby's book: Add more ing to your life.
I've read it over a month ago and I could say it changed my life.

It talks about ego and inner guidance. She explains shorty everything we need to know about life, especially our past and present. How to be the best version of a human being now and in the future. :)

Book is divided into twelve chapters, each of them is a challenge for the reader. You have to do exercises from one chapter for 30 days, so it is a year long journey. I know it sounds a lot but I decided to give it a try. Every chapter contains thinking, moving (some form of fun physical exercise for app. 10-20 mins), meditation and writing <3.

I am kinda sorda through with challenge 1, which is a healing of a feeling. It is very profound challenge in which you think about all negative feelings inside of you and your negative thoughts about you.

Journey never ends, that's why I've said kinda sorda finished :) There will come a day again when I will feel bad about myself so I'll choose to do this exercise again. Working on yourself is indeed life long journey.

Today I've done first day of chapter 2, which is about forgiving. That one is, I tell you, the biggest challenge for me. I'm full of resentment for everyone who has done bad things to me, so it will be nice to let go and just move on. After only first day I feel much better and I cannot even imagine how will I feel at the end of those 30 days.

I can keep you posted every month about how the challenges go if you want to.
Please, take your time and check Gabrielle Bernstein's books. She is a miracle worker and so can be you too.

With love...
namaste to you, namaste Gabby - thank you <3

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