Wednesday, 24 June 2015

First rule on how to make your life better

... is ... it's something short
and a well hidden secret...
(joke) I mean..
something you already know...
deep inside you... so
one thing you have to do.. to live happily ever after is:

love yourself

voila! that's right. you are unique and special to this world and if you don't love yourself than no one will be able to love you right back as you deserve.

It's first thing you have to accomplish if you want a better life in general.. and tell me, who doesn't want to be happy? Who doesn't want to be a better mom, son, sister, grandson, niece... For that, you should take care of yourself so you'll be able to live long, be a good friend, colleague, spouse etc.

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I've learned this by reading a book from mrs. Louise Hay, The power is within you. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it yet.

So she also says you have to adress this ''self love'' through appropriate manners, ten of them actually. Those are:
1. stop criticizing yourself
(we all have this evil voice inside who says we're not good enough, make it shut up)

2. do not scare yourself 
(with negative thoughts, what ifs, should haves...)

3. be nice, gentle and patient with yourself
(be your own teddy bear)

4. be nice to your mind
 (don't think you're stupid)

5. compliment yourself 
(tell to yourself ''you go girl/boy!'' even when accomplishing little things
or just making them better than the last time, every progress is worth it,
you will come far by just putting one feet in front of another)

loving yourself means also to 
6. stand by yourself no matter what 
(even when you did something ''stupid'' - hey! nothing is stupid)

7. love also negative things on you 
(so until you don't get enough control to start thinking positively
almost every day, you'll still have a lot of negative thoughts,
learn to love them, embrace them as they are and let them go
because remember - be gentle)

8. take care of your body 
(healthy body = healthy mind, do some meditations, visualisations)

9. work with the mirror 
(start to love your body, talk to yourself in the mirror, about good and bad things, that's how you'll heal) and last but not least

10. love yourself as you are in this moment
 (past is gone, don't dwell on it and don't worry about future, just love yourself now even with flaws - even thought they're not! ;) )

Once again I really recommend this book to everyone... if you're going through hard time, through illness, if something doesn't feel right or just so ... knowledge about how to live better, healthy and positive life is always welcome.

And most of all stay fearless.


  1. Don't scare yourself, I've been working on that. I realize looking into the future gives anxiety.
    Stand by yourself. I need to start standing more than swallowing myself in self pity.

    - Harlynn

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