Friday, 19 June 2015

Depression striked

She thought, with every good there must be the bad..
Jin and Jang and all that world balance,
it all made sense

so one day, she woke up sad,
with sick feeling in her stomach and
before she even realised.. she's already battling her demons.

She walked through the city, like nothing happened,
even looking like everyone else, but none of them knew
that their presence is making her even worse.

Every night while trying to fall asleep in tears
and not being able to breathe, her thoughts got darker
persisting until at once her eyes got too heavy.

As morning came she felt better again,
in sheaf of the light she discovered that it's all in her head
and she was just obsessing about every little trouble of hers.

As it is the personal story of everyone, at least once in a lifetime,
you should just be thankful about your blessings in life and just...
stop thinking so much...

and if the D. comes for you with
the question: how long can I feel like this until I fall into pieces?
remember this - you'll be fine and you're not alone!

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